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1、Hangzhou XX is a company engaged in chemical raw materials,
electronic products trading company. The company was established in May 1998, has many famous enterprises at home and abroad (such as XX company) to establis a long-term friendly business relationship.

2、Company mainly engaged in mechanical and electrical products and electronic.
products. Since its inception continue to absorb a variety of talents, improve product quality, improving staff quality, in order to grow their companies. Company also was incorporated in January 2005, Hangzhou XX Co., Ltd.

3、Main chemical raw materials and import of electronic products.
In cooperation with the South Korean LG has made a lot of money business results. Strict quality guarantee system and perfect management system, high-quality products after-sales service is our foothold in this, my company of "quality first, reputation first" principle, provide customers with quality and quantity of various types of products. Always uphold the "quality,

4、Business strictly in accordance with relevant state laws, regulations and rules .
of the WTO requirements management according to law, actively participate in regional economic cooperation, recent years the company has reached annual sales of as much as 25,000,000, business prospects and good, the next time,

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